hmmmmmmmmm.......: hairs were cut

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

hairs were cut

Last night while waiting for Loopy, who was attending one of the many dissertation research meetings that bring her (and sometimes us) to Chicago every week, I got my hair cut. In the car before, we had this exchange:

Me: I don't know why you won't ever tell me if you think I would look better with bangs.

Loopy: Oh, for chrissakes! [this is the fifty millionth time I've asked that question] I think you look better without but it's YOUR HEAD! Why do you care what I think?

Me: Okay, I won't get bangs.

Loopy: Oh, now, see? This is why I don't give my opinion! You just do whatever I say.

Me: Honey, you're my wife, you're the one who has to look at me the most, and besides, I'm not good at seeing what I really look like.

Loopy: So LEARN to see what you look like! Aaargh!!!


Me: Maybe I will get bangs.

In the end, I got a bob with bangs (see photo at right), not because of this conversation or anyone's opinion, but sort of at random, and at least partly because I was as tired as Loopy of hearing myself ask "but do you think I would look good with bangs?"

Conclusion: I look okay with bangs.

Also, without bangs.

Turns out it doesn't make that big a difference.

Oh well.


goblinbox said...

Damn. This is sad. Bangs should be a bigger deal!

Franklin said...

This reminds me why I love you so much, even when I want to shake you.

PS Since when are you blonde?

sep said...


(just staying in character here)


Rachel said...

You are utterly wonderful. I must confess that sounds very much like conversations I have had with my own sweetie on numerous occasions...

Also, love the fisher-price look. I had a bob for many years, with bangs and without, and other than satisfying my own need to change hairstyles, I don't think it made much of a difference on me either. My aunt, who for many years did my hair, insists that I look better with bangs. Me, I just got rid of my hair altogether and now she just dislikes how short it is. Other people love it. Ultimately, I still struggle with being the one I am trying to please. Know what I'm sayin'?

birdfarm said...

Mush: your response makes me smile, but I don't think it's sad. It's more like, you know, reality. Like realizing that no matter what pattern you have on your bathing suit, everyone can see your body. The black stripes down the sides of a swimsuit don't make me look thinner, and the bangs don't make me prettier. I'm not saying those are bad things. I just yam what I yam.

Franklin: mutual I'm sure. ;-) (SEP wants to know what gives you the right to even want to shake me, but I decree that if she wants to take up that question, she has to do so on her own blog). And I'm blonde ever since Lucy Deakins was blonde--I assume that's what you're referring to? A more pressing question might be, since when am I smooth and shiny? but never mind.

Rachel, I hear you, totally. But for me, I'm not sure whether I am trying to please anyone at this point; I have given up on the pursuit of a pleasing appearance and have made it my more modest goal to appear clean and tidy--you know, as though I've taken a shower sometime recently and am not about to shoot myself or someone else. :-)

Thanks, all, for reading and commenting!